The secret of the Aikido is to harmonize ourselves with the movement of the universe and bring ourselves into accord with the universe itself
— Morihei Ueshiba O Sensei

CCvfilm is proud to publish Aikido in Three Easy Lessons by Richard Moon.  The is a multimedia book that include over 32 minutes of video instruction by Richard Moon.

A3Ibook 001.jpg

CCvfilm Publishing Multimedia Books and Presentations

The focus of CCvfilm is to produce insanely great and powerful enhanced books that combine great writing with still photos, graphs, side shows and videos. The focus is on books that focus on real word informational and instructions books. For example the first book , Aikido in Three Easy Lesson combines a wonderful book with 32 minutes of video which is designed to enhance the communication.

The point is that when discussion or trying to explain a structural conversation or how to do or a procedure the use of the new technology is very very powerful.

The new media is a dimensional shift in what is possible. Traditional books are limited mainly to text due the fact that printing photos, drawings, graphs etc is very expensive. Remembering the pictures are worth a thousand words. To update this I suggest that a great video could be worth 10,000 words. You can write over and over about something that is an action in the real world but showing a video, photos, graphs will be a major change and upgrade.

The major areas of focus for this business is to develop books and apps that can be used to train teach and explore the physical word with an emphasis in the areas of engineering, sports and food.